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My Time in the Zen Den with derma e

I want to share about one of my favorite finds this year, derma e. They offer all natural, vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly skincare solutions, and you can read more about them here.

I had the opportunity to visit their Zen Den recently for an in depth talk through their approach and products with Director of Education and Esthetician, Jaime Cane. We talked through my skin concerns, Jaime photographed my face under different wavelengths of light to get a more in depth look at what's going on in my skin, and then formulated a targeted skin care regimen just for me.

The Zen Den is aptly named, fully equipt with serenity and comfort for maximun relaxation. I had an incredible massage followed by a facial with Jaime. I really got the feeling that every process and evey product used was carefully planned with my skin in mind. Jaime also talked me through a process called Gua Sha, a very simple and relaxing technique that can be done at home that encourages blood flow and removal of toxins from the skin.

Jaime loaded me up with the amazing products she used during my facial for me to use at home. I've included a break down below with some more information on my favorites so far.

After such a relaxing and enlightening afternoon I didn't want to leave! My skin felt so light and clean. I've been using derma e exclusively for one week and I already can tell I'm addicted. My skin seems to drink it all in so effortlessly without weighing it down or leaving it feeling anything other than clean and supple.

What I have listed below is not the entire range of derma e products, only the products I've tried so far. Here's my derma e beauty breakdown:

1. Soothing Collection

I have sensative skin so occasionally my skin reacts harshly with hives or puffiness so when that happens I use these products to cool things down. I also reach for the Skinbiotics Treatment Oil (pictured further down) and add a dash of that to my moisturizer.

2. Very-Clear Collection

These are my go-to products after a workout or after a long day of wearing makeup. These clean all the dirt, oil, sweat, and grime right off and keep break-outs at bay.

3. Additional Loves

These additional beauties are wonderful. I use the Skinbiotics Oil for everything; I add a drop to my moisturizer and use it with the Vitamin E Body Balm after I shave my legs to eliminate razor burn.

4. Age-Defying

These quick step age-defying products keep my skin supple and smooth the lines on my face naturally while adding a youthful touch.

5. My Routine

I start my routine by using the following products to take off my makeup and I use a face brush to lightly scub out the dirt from my pores.

Then, I use these to add the finishing touches of hydration and bacteria fighting power. The DMEA Eye Lift has been a special favorite of mine so far. Astringent first, followed by the Very-Clear Moisturizer (with a drop of Skinbiotics Oil), the Age-Defying Night Cream, finished with spot treatment, and DMEA around my eyes.

Talk to your Esthetician or contact derma e for a consultation before beginning a regimen of your own.

Thanks derma e for having me over to the Zen Den. I loved every part of the experience, especially meeting your incredible team. You've made my no makeup mornings brighter!

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