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Women in Magic

Robert Marks reached out to me when he began covering the new season of Penn & Teller's Fool Us because he wanted to talk to a real woman in magic and get a female perspective. I think he did a great job of summarizing the experiences of myself and the other female magicians with which he spoke.

The magic community is not sexist and male magicians are not the reason why there aren't more women in magic. Any sexism that exists is an individual issue and not indicative of the group as a whole. I've always felt supported and welcomed by the magic community and my fellow magicians male and female alike. The magic community is really that, a community. We respect, support, assist, and look out for each other because of our mutual love for the craft. The lack of women in magic is a separate topic and I don't think there's one easy answer. I think it's many reasons like lack of female role models, lack of awareness of female magicians in the entertainment industry, and more that account for the minority.

Robert's article for The Escapist Magazine is a great read and then check out the new season of Penn & Teller's Fool Us on The CW.

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