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Toulula & A Special Gift

I was recently introduced to Toulula and their mindfully curated boutique of lovely clothing and accessories. Toulula is a platform/online boutique where consumers can purchase a variety of design-conscious brands that are handpicked for them. Speaking with owner, Yung , you can tell that she cares about the designers she works with and the items they choose to carry. Her passion to grow Toulula beyond the boutique is evident and inspiring. The blog up on Toulula is a great representation of the spirit of this platform and it's empowering owner. Yung put it so nicely when she said, "I want it to become a network of designers, retailers and consumers where we can make very conscious decision about fashion, what we wear, what we buy, and why we even care at all." I love platforms like this that put the effort into every aspect of their collection so you as a consumer can shop with peace of mind.

Their mission statement shows you their modern approach to curating mindful and timeless fashion, "Inspired by timeless and dynamic femininity, Toulula aims to celebrate classic femininity with a twist of modern drama. With Toulula, you can always find vintage fashion pieces that never go out of style, slices of history that define our present, modern trends, and most importantly, a good price." I have two tops from their current selection to share with you and I think they're great representations of the modern, chic, and sophisticated collection up now on Toulula.

These two tops are from Style Mafia, just one of the brands carried by Toulula. The first top is a v-neck, loose cut, crisp white crop top with fringe bottom. On the hanger it looks baggy and large but when you put it on it actually fits very well. It hangs in all the right places and moves in a way that always seems to make it look good. It's got a soft, woven knit texture that's nice and light weight without being sheer. I think this top is very versatile being perfect for bohemian stylistas and minimal lovers alike.

The second top is a loose fit, bright white, off shoulder top with 3/4 length sleeves that end in ties. This top is quite cute and very voluminous. I usually shy away from off shoulder tops because it's always hard for me as someone who's quite thin, to find one that fits and stays up! This one fits great; it's snug without being restrictive. The sleeves on this top are my favorite. I love the ties at the ends, they add a lovely touch of femininity and visual interest. The fabric is a sort of sleek coated cotton which has a very unique texture which isn't as lightweight as it looks but has a great look. It's a lovely top that works for ultra feminine outfits or minimal classic ensembles.

You can grab these two tops and see the rest of their beautifully handpicked collection here and for a special gift, use my promo code CGERHART for 25% off your purchase.

Help fund Toulula here and get specials gift for your contribution!

Scroll down for details on the other items that complete these looks.

I wanted to keep the casual vibe of this fringe top so I paired it with high waisted, light wash jeans form Current/Elliot and vegan Birkenstocks. I got these jeans from ShopBop, they have a fantastic collection of denim with great Current/Elliot selections so give 'em a look!

This top is really the focus of this outfit so simple medium wash denim from Current/Elliot, Tourtoise printed vegan slides from Melissa, and a vegan faux snake printed bag from Ethique 212 created the perfect accessories. Stay tuned for a new A Harmless Projet on my collaboration with Ethique 212 at the end of the month; they're an amazing company and I can't wait to tell you all about them!

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