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Cultivated Scents

I was recently introduced to a fantastic new company that provides a monthly subscription scent delivery service of niche, indie fragrances. Scent Trunk works with you to create a custom scent profile and then selects three scents to send you each month that match your tastes. If you're like me then you might see buying perfume as a bit of a risk; what if it doesn't smell the way you want? What if the scent fades fast? What if you change your mind? This service allows you to try out some new and unique scents you wouldn't otherwise find on your own risk free. Rate and review your scents, update your scent profile, and earn points toward full size bottles and special samples.

Plus, with your scent package each month you get add cards that describe the notes of the scent, time of day to wear the scent, a longevity meter, price listing, and a little background on the fragrance itself. It's actually really interesting to learn what specific notes appeal to you so you can really hone in on scents you love.

Scent Trunk also has mens fragrances so you and your man can do it together and get the scents that smell the best to the both of you.

Here's a break down of my first three scents and my thoughts on each:

1. Pavane No. 2 by Gwendolyn Marie

Notes of Water Lily Rose, this scent has a decent longevity, and is recommended for day or night wear. This smells very floral to me, very bright and airy. It's a nice scent but it can be powerful, my least favorite of the three but not because it's bad in any way.

2. Falling Into The Sea by Imaginary Authors

Day wear is recommended for this scent with Grapefruit Lychee, Lemon, Bergamot, Sand, and Exotic Floral notes. A beautiful scent that's light yet has staying power. Smells feminine and warm to me.

3. Méloé by Teo Cabanel

Bergamot, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Musk, and Amber make up this final scent. Not the strongest longevity but this one was my favorite of the three. It has a light lovely fragrance that I find to be unisex and attractive.

Sign up for Scent Trunk now and discover new boutique fragrances that fit your style!

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