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New AHP Featuring Jeane & Jax!

I’m so excited to revisit one of my favorite vegan handbag labels, Jeane & Jax! I highlighted them on A Harmless Project before showcasing their beautiful Spring collection but now it’s Fall so I’m here to check back in with them on their new collection. Their minimalist color palette, structured and stylish designs, and beautifully textured vegan leathers make these bags must-haves for Fall.

First, let’s talk vegan. Jeane & Jax is a PETA approved handbag line from Montreal founded and designed by Silvia Gallo. Silvia is one of the most incredible women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! She utilizes her flawless personal style and her background of years in the fashion industry to breathe luxury and quality into her own collection. Her passion for cruelty-free fashion extends beyond her vegan line to include every aspect of her production line. The workers, factories, and environment are all taken into account and well cared for with Jeane & Jax. Safe working conditions, lead-free hardware, and no use of child labor are just some of the commitments they’ve made to social responsibility. With this label you know you’re getting a product that caused absolutely no harm and you can feel good about supporting companies like Jeane & Jax who are transparent with their business.

I get more compliments on these bags than any other bags that I own. People are always stopping me to ask who made my bag and that the “leather” is the most beautiful they’re seen or felt. I’ve had the most success converting people to vegan leathers by showing them these bags. The quality is outstanding and the textures are incredible. I love the lightweight fabrics that still feel sturdy and expensive; they’re easy to clean and they’ll last you longer than actual leather. The materials wear beautifully and the linings are soft yet rugged enough for anything you may need to carry. The hardware is simple but elegant and most if not all the bags come with removable straps so you can customize how you want to wear them.

Now, let’s talk price. These bags won’t set you back much and their reasonable prices will allow you to grab a few of the on-trend styles you crave every season if you like.

Finally, here are the outfit details from the video and photos below:

-Stripped shirt from LA Made

-Burgundy Coated Jeans from Paige Denim

-Cutout Boots from Melissa

-Faux Crock Clutch from Jeane & Jax

-Sweater Dress from Aritzia

-Thigh High Boots from Kurt Geiger

-Bucket Bag from Jeane & Jax

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