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New Sustainable Sunday Posts

I have a new series of posts beginning this week that will be all about sustainable, eco-friendly tip and tricks to green your lifestyle, diet, beauty routine, and more. I’ve been testing out ways to be more cost efficient, less wasteful, and time efficient by replacing expensive, less healthy, and wasteful regular purchases with better options. These posts will talk about my discoveries and experience using them compared to the product they’re replacing in my life.

Ready? Let’s give it a go. First up I have for you a post about razors. Until now I didn’t really think about the massive waste of money and horrible waste problem of disposable razors. Packs of razors are ridiculously expensive, often don’t work that well (you still get razor burn), and contribute huge amounts of awful waste that go straight into landfills on a monthly basis! It’s a big problem. In y research to remedy this I found the magic that is the safety razor. Safety razors have been around since the late ninetenth century. They work by employing the use of very thin, very sharp double sided razors that are screwed or clamped into a metal shaving apparatus. The weight of the safety razor is superior to modern shavers in that the weight does all the work for you so no need to push down hard and risk getting razor burn. With shorter sweeps and NO pain, shaving is now a much more enjoyable experience.

Safety razors are easier to clean than disposable razors and stay sharp much longer. A box of five double sided razor blades will cost you a few bucks and the shaving handle can cost anywhere from $10-$50 but that box of blades can last you a YEAR OR MORE. Compare that to the $25 box of disposable razors you get from some commercial companies that only last you five to six months.

Now, you might be wondering how you dispose of the razor blades once you’re done. Easy. I like to keep my old blades in a small tin (a soup cap or Altoids box works well), once fill, simply tape up the box securely and throw in your household trash. NEVER throw away an exposed razor blade. If you need to throw away just one wrap it securely in several layers of paper and then tape it up between pieces of cardboard so that it’s very well covered and then toss in your household trash.

I’m loving my safety razor and will never go back to those awful disposable razors ever again! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first Sustainable Sunday post and come back next week for more! Please feel free to send me your comments, feedback, and questions by using the contact form on my website.


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