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Sustainable Sunday: Un-paper Towels

I recently was turned onto the idea of reusable “paper” towels instead of actual paper towels. Eve with great companies like Seventh generation using unbleached recycled paper for their towels I found that paper towels contribute to a lot of our kitchen waste. I found a great shop on Etsy, The Tailored Home, that makes these “unpaper” towels that can be snapped together and rolled up like a roll of paper towels (see photos below). These are plush terry cloth with a cotton backing so they’re very absorbent and the textured terry cloth make them great for cleaning up messes!

After using them for the last few weeks instead of paper towels I’m hooked and will never go back to paper towels again. Just one of these towels lasts longer than 10 normal paper towels (from my experience) and they’re machine washable so it’s easy to clean them with your weekly laundry.

Consider this nifty way to green your kitchen routine! Etsy has some lovely unpaper towel options.


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