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Lola: Period Necessities & Promo

I’ve been taking a hard look at my routine lately and thinking about all the waste I produce and how I can significantly reduce or eliminate it all together. We as consumers don’t think about how much waste we create, where it goes, how it effects the planet, etc. I’ve been working hard on minimizing the trash I create and educating myself on sustainable materials to either reuse or materials that are more eco-friendly/recyclable. Not all materials are created equal in terms of eco production and recycling and it doesn’t take much to make smarter decisions to green your routine!

My first great find is Lola organic cotton tampon subscription service. Tampons over the years seem to have gotten worse with scents added, carcinogens added, not using 100% cotton, and the ability to hold more so you wear them longer and risk TSS from bacterial build up. To me, it seems ridiculous to use tampons of such awful quality. I’ve done some research and the best tampons to use, from what I understand, are 100% natural cotton tampons. So LOLA answered my call! They’re a subscription service that allows you to customize a box of eighteen tampons with any configuration of light, medium, and heavy flow tampons that are then shipped directly to you for one flat fee. You can either get one or two boxes at a time and the membership is flexible so you can cancel anytime. You can also skip months is needed so they really cater to your flow. I highly recommend LOLA become part of your regular period routine, I think you’ll love the service you get for such a low fee (less than most tampon brands and shipped straight to you!).

Use my special link to sign up and you'll get your first two boxes for the price of one!

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