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Petit Vour: Vegan Beauty

Petit Vour hit it out of the park again this month with their latest beauty box. This monthly subscription box is a fantastic way to try out cruelty-free, vegan beauty products without having to gamble on a fullsize container. It's also a great way to get introduced to new vegan beauty brands. Then, when you find a product (or five) that you absolutely love, Petit Vour has great prices on the full size version.

Here's my review of the goods:

1. Kaia Bamboo Tapioca Beads - These little beads pack a punch. It's a unique and lovely face cleaning experience. Plus, I love the little travel size container!

2. French Girl Lip Srub - This scrub is great! I found it to be helpful in smoothing my lips and keeping them hydrated when used with a great vegan lip balm.

3. Liner and Brush Set from Evelyn Iona - It took me a little while to get the hang of the brush but now that I have it down, I love it. It's easy to clean, easy to use (I especally love the long handle), and the liner is easy to apply.

4. Cream from S.W. Basics - I love the moisturizing properties of this cream but I personally don't like the smell.

Give these beaties a try and use my special link here to grab them and more from Petit Vour!

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