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Reformation: Wedding Edition

Over this last weekend I attended a beautiful wedding in Ojai, CA. Not wanting to freeze in the cold rain but still look chic I opted for a jumpsuit with floor length wide leg pants. I jazzed up my look with a statement necklace from Dylan Lex, a fold over lunch bag clutch from Jeane & Jax, lace up heels from BC Footwear, and a wrap scarf (not pictured) in case I got too cold.

Now, the star of this outfit is the jumpsuit which I'm happy to say is from one of my favorite eco-friendly companies, Reformation. If you aren't familiar with Reformation, the are an environmentally friendly fashion house who manufactures most of their products in their sustainable sewing factory in Los Angeles. They source sustainable fabrics and incorporate sustainable practices throughout their supply chain which minimizes environmental impact. They use renewable energy, recycled hangers in their stores, and 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped (and for garment bags) you can feel great shopping with them online and in store.

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