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New A Harmless Project Featuring Indecisive!

As I said in the episode, the Indecisive website is a great source for some facts on sustainability in addition to their shop. They have a lot of really important information on the issues facing fashion industry which helps put ethical fashion into easy to digest figures and facts. I love that Indecisive has a commitment to not only making ethical clothes but also to educating consumers so we can all make more informed choices.

By reducing waste produced in clothing production (through up cycling and made-to-order pieces which means they’re a 0% waste company), reducing water consumption by using more eco-friendly materials (like bamboo), and always keeping the environment in mind, Indecisive is a label with real substance that’s positively effecting the world. They never use any animal products so they’re totally vegan! Don’t be turned off by the word vegan, it just means that all the materials used came from non-living sources, to me it’s a mark of quality and sophistication! Lastly, if you can stand any more positive points, they’re a fair trade company so all their employee receive fair wages. Check out their transparency page for additional info.

Now, let’s talk about the Faye Top and Mat Wrap skirt in grey. The bamboo fabric is seriously incredible. I want to live in a cocoon of this stuff forever! It’s super soft, light, breathable, and the perfect balance between clingy and loose. The fabric drapes beautifully on the body and leaves you feeling sexy, confident, and comfortable.

I styled Indecisive’s Faye Top and Mat Wrap Skirt in grey with two different sets of accessories to show two ways I like to wear this outfit. First, I paired this set with mules from BC Footwear and a clutch from Jeane & Jax which gives this set the ability to be a day or evening look (you can also opt for heels here). Then, I swapped the mules for sneakers from Bourgeois Boheme and the clutch for a bucket bag from Angela & Roi for a sophisticated casual look. The skirts and sneakers is really on trend right now and I’m obsessed. This sexy skirt is the perfect skirt for this trend especially with the skirts adjustable slit which can be worn in front, back or on the side. Give this look a try, I think you’ll love it!

Shop the Indecisive collection here and follow them on Instagram to preview their upcoming collection.

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