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The Sneaker Dilemma

I've always shied away from white shoes and have only recently felt confident enough to invest in white clothes. I'm always so scared I'll sit in some dirt or epically spill on myself while eating and end up looking like I just lost a food fight. Finally, I found a solution to this problem. These sneakers from Native Shoes are not only completely vegan but washable too! Now if I scuff my shoes or take a wrong step into a mud pile I can just rinse them off and I'm good to go. They're super comfortable and the little holes in the shoes make them breathable so no sweaty feet. I paired them here with a skirt from The Fifth Label which has a soft blue stripe, side pockets, button front, and a tie waist; my new obsession (I've said this many times before in past posts and videos) is skirts and sneakers so this outfit really hits my latest favorite trend. The simple t-shirt is from Alternative Outfitters and it's a lovely soft cotton blend.

White sneakers are a trend I've always loved and now they're a trend I can finally enjoy wearing!

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