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If You're a Dancer

This year I’ve decided to step outside my comfort zone and I’ve begun taking more dance based classes in addition to pole and contortion study. It’s been a strange feeling teaching my body to move in a non-awkward and robotic way but I’ve enjoyed the progress I’ve seen so far. I promise, this is leading to a meaningful post! During my studies, I found the magnificence that is the ballet slipper. It keeps you from slipping while providing a good amount of slide when you need it. However, most ballet slippers are made of leather. It’s been a rough process researching dance companies to see if they make canvas/vegan versions but I’ve finally found a few. I got this lovely simple black, split sole version from Cynthia King. So far, I’m very happy. They do everything I need them to do and they’re comfortable. I do plan to try a few other versions from a few other companies I found so I’ll post a favorites list ranking them in order of effectiveness, style, comfort, etc. soon.

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