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Sustainable Bags

On my quest to green my routine and rid my life of non-recyclable waste I found the amazingness that is reusable produce and food bags. I have three kinds that I tried and fell in love with for different uses. Here's my breakdown:

First, I have a set of washable, reusable food storage bags from Blue Avocado. They range in sizes from quite small (for a light snack) to a good size sandwich bag. They're handy, the zip closure is sturdy (freezer safe and leak proof), and the food safe, FDA-grade PEVA material is PVC-free, lead-free and BPA-free. These are incredibly useful and they've completely replaced plastic baggies for my family.

Next, I have a woven, netted, drawstring bag set I got off Amazon. These bags are great because they're breathable, machine washable, and you can use them for more than just produce. I use them for washing delicates and storing dirty laundry while on vacation. I keep a set of these in my car along with a set of reusable tote bags so I always have bags when I go to the grocery store.

Finally, I got a set of cotton/linen drawstring bags. These I actually use for storing loose tea, bulk rice, bulk oats, and more. The fine weave on these makes them ideal for storing small cut grain like oat bran. Again, they're machine washable and versatile for other uses around the house as well (I've even used it as a nut milk strainer!).

Overall, I'm really quite pleased with the bags I've tried. I think reusable food storage is the way of the future and it's easier than you think to make the switch!

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