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New A Harmless Project Featuring Cute Fruit Undies!

Cute Fruit Undies has changed the period underwear game. Not only do they make killer period panties (adorably called Bloody Mary's) but the undies come with the face of a politician against women's rights printed on the interior crotch AND, more importantly, $3 from each pair goes to Planned Parenthood in the jurisdiction of the politician pictured! THE BEST.

Cute Fruit Undies also sells matching crop tops to go with your Bloody Mary's and each pair of Bloody Mary's comes with a removable heat pack that snaps into the front of the undies. They've really thought of everything. These sets make me feel cute and confident on my period which is amazing because I usually just feel like an angry, crying overfilled water balloon so major score! Plus, I really like wearing these sets when I stretch/workout at home so I can have the heat pack snapped into the front to relieve my cramps while I attempt to get fit for Summer (which really means watching Game of Thrones and eating all of the snack foods in my pantry while I think about working out). I also find them really helpful to sleep in so I don't leak everywhere overnight an don't have to wear a diaper sized pad and endure the loving yet slightly embarrassing taunts from my boyfriend.

When you order a pair of Bloody Mary's you'll also receive an AMAZING little booklet which has some incredible and important information in it about Cute Fruit Undies, the panties themselves (care, use, etc.), and about the politicians featured on their panties (referred to as the Bloody Dumpsters - so effing awesome). Honestly, the booklet might be my favorite part. I LOVE that this company is actively making a difference and advocating for education. Read it and pass it along to others.

You'll fall in love with their Etsy shop and all their adorable products! Basically, if you want to be rad and feel rad, check 'em out here and follow their Insta because it's also pretty darn rad.

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