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Step Up Your Coffee Game

My brother was actually the person to clue me in on the new craze of pour over coffee. I thought it was a bit over the top and fussy at first but the more research I did on it the more intrigued I became. I finally ended up grabbing all the pour over coffee gadgets I could to create the ultimate cup of coffee. From the first sip of coffee pour over style, I was hooked. Now, I'm an avid coffee drinker that can't make it a day without at least one very large cup and never says no to coffee when it's offered so if you're not as keen on the stuff then this might not be the thing for you. It's quite a process, I'll be honest. In my opinion, it's well worth it but know that before you invest. Here's my approach:

1. I got a hand grinder to make the freshest coffee possible. You can use an electric grinder (it's much faster but I prefer hand ground).

2. I actually use two filters and it was purely by accident but I love it now. The metal base filter you see below acts both as a filter and a stand for my second filter which is a cotton filter from Coffee Sock. The Coffee Sock filter is, I believe, what makes my pour over coffee so spectacular. Unlike paper filters, cotton filters absorb some of the oils from the coffee but let the acids through which result in a more balanced cup. I can taste the difference in my coffee and I prefer these filters to paper. Plus, they're reusable so they're better for the environment. Coffee Sock has all sorts of info on their site about their filters, recipes, caring for your filter and more so check them out.

3. The narrow spout pour over coffee kettle probably isn't crucial to the process but I didn't have a kettle and it does make it easier and more precise to pour the hot water over the grounds. Mine is a small kettle so good for one to two cups of coffee.

Those are my essentials but there are loads of other things you can grab as well like a scale to weigh your coffee, and a thermometer to make sure your water is the perfect amount. There are even specific pouring techniques on YouTube to ensure you get the best cup. I grabbed my goodies on Amazon and you can use my Amazon promo code to get $5 off - just follow this link!

Anyway, you can try it all or maybe just try bits and pieces of this process in your routine and see if it improves your coffee game. For me, coffee is my morning ritual; it's my me time so I savor the process even tough it takes a bit longer.

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