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Organic Vegan Skin Care: Amour Gypsy

Amour Gypsy is an organic, vegan skin care line handmade in New York. I love homemade skin care products and these are fantastic.

Amour Gypsy makes everything from scrubs and lotions to sunscreen and tonics. Many of the products are packaged in recyclable glass jars so it’s kinder to the environment. Plus, you’ll get a lovely reusable container at the end which I absolutely love. Everything on the Amour Gypsy menu is natural and organic so there are no chemicals, or preservatives. It’s all vegan friendly too, even the sunscreen (which is made with wheat germ oil which has natural SPF 30)!

The sizes of the products are great so they’ll last you awhile. I’ll break down a few for you:

Cer Creama - Vegan sunscreen (SPF 30) made with coconut and wheat germ oils. There’s no zinc oxide in this stuff so it’s all natural and good for your skin! I love wearing this under my makeup, it’s light weight and not too oily.

Cranberry Scrub - This scrub is jam packed with antioxidants, made with cranberries, organic sugar, and essential oils. The color is out of this world and the texture is heavenly. I love to use this as a face scrub.

Coffee Detox Scrub - The coffee scrub is my morning pick me up. After my actual cup of coffee in the morning, I hop in the shower and use my coffee scrub to wake up my skin. I use this mainly as a body scrub and it works wonders!

Lavender Scrub - The lavender scrub is the best way to relax. I scrub down with this and leave it on for awhile to let the relaxing lavender scent soak in. I love using this stuff in the evening with a hot bath. I find that the lavender smell helps me sleep better, give it a try and see what you think!

Lip Scrub - I love this stuff! It's made with brown sugar and honey so doesn't taste like chemicals. I’ve tried some bad tasting lip scrubs in the past and they’re pretty awful so I’m glad I found a lovely tasting, natural one to use now! That doesn’t mean you should eat this stuff, I’m just saying that when you’re putting something on your lips it should last good because you’ll inevitably get some in your mouth.

Face Tonic - A lovely light and refreshing tonic made from rose water, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils. I actually recently found out about vegetable glycerin and have been putting it in my homemade body lotion as well. This tonic is refreshing and lovely for an afternoon pick-my-up.

Check out their Instagram for details on ordering and more of their organic products.

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