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Support Women Entrepreneurs and Spread Some Love With QVC, Peace Love World, and Nest

Happy #GivingTuesday! I’ve been working with QVC to review some of the products they sell, and QVC has sent me many interesting products to try out. I am receiving compensation to review these products, but all the opinions I’ll be expressing are my own. #GivingTuesday is an international day of giving (pretty awesome right?) and I've got a special post to celebrate. QVC has long since supported entrepreneurs (especially women entrepreneurs) and has teamed up this year with Peace Love World and Nest in an effort to spread love and charity. Did you know that there are roughly millions of women starting or running businesses globally? I love all this girl power going on in the world and some experts say that women will lead entrepreneurial growth in the future. I'm so proud of what women have accomplished and eager to press onward and watch as we stand together and accomplish amazing things in the future. Today I have something fantastic to share with you, the Give Love shirt. Here's a little background on these amazing collaborators:

Peace Love World is an enterprise endeavoring to spread exactly that, peace and love. Designer and creator Alina Villasante has woven philanthropy into her designs. You can shop to support causes like Autism, breast cancer research, support for Haiti and more here.

Nest is a global nonprofit dedicated to the social and economic advancement of artisans and homemakers to alleviate poverty, empower women, promote transparency, and preserve cultural traditions. Nest has a magnificent PDF on their website that details Nest's global impact as well as listing their partnerships and so much more; it's such an inspirational, eye-opening detail of their achievements. Additional information about their Artisan Advancement program, fellowships, their ethical compliance standards, co-op, newsletter and more can be found here.

QVC, Nest, and Peace Love World have teamed up and created one of my favorite shirts of all time. Their Give Love long-sleeve knit says 'love' in 16 languages and 60% of the purchase price excluding shipping, handling, and tax go directly to Nest. The message of this collaboration is clear, let's spread love, support, and lift each other pup because we can make a powerful positive impact on the world. I love seeing collaborations like this where the product is high-quality and the product benefit is even higher.

The Give Love shirt is SUPER soft, like so soft I never want to take it off and I'm going to wear it forever. The design is adorable and a clear and powerful (and positive) message that I find spreads some love even to those that see you wearing it. It's a perfect present for the holidays. Personally, I either make a donation in the name of a friend of family member for the holidays or I purchase something like this shirt for them. Donating is very important to me, it puts me in the holiday spirit and I find that people actually love when I donate in their name (plus this way, you'll donate to a wonderful charity and have a beautiful shirt to give as a gift as well! It's a win win!). It's a heartwarming way to give a little and promote a sense of togetherness with people all over the world. Give donations and gift plus donations like the Give Love shirt a try this holiday season! Shop the shirt here and follow QVC on their Insta, FaceBook, and Twitter!

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