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Desenio: Inspirational Decor

For me, 2017 started off with an home decor overhaul to create a creative and relaxing home environment for work and for my own personal sanity. I decided to invest in a few nice pieces of furniture, create dedicated spaces for work, exercise, etc., and be more intentional with my design and decor. This led me to Desenio.

Desenio is a Swedish based poster, print, and frame company that offers chic, on-trend pieces that will help you create an inspirational and modern design for your space. I fell in love with their chic sleek designs for frames, as well as their awesome posters and prints. For my space, I used a combo of pieces from their range in natural/Oak and black finishes to add some Earthy tones and modern sophistication to my walls. They've redefined what posters are and how they should be featured for me. With their range of clips, and unique hanging equipment, I feel like their frames are pieces of art in themselves.

Plus, and this is the best part for me, their frames are fantastic quality and are SO easy to use! I've had horror experiences with frames that have staples or those little metal arrow things that you have to jam into slits in the back of the frame and it's all awful. These frames have easy to use sliders that simply slide into and out of a groove in the back of the frame. So easy and so much better than anything I've found here in the states! The backings are sturdy, the frames some with either acrylic or glass fronts, and they have mat cutouts (passe-partout) to fit any color and frame for the perfect polished look. Shop their range of frames and mat cutouts here.

Additionally, I grabbed a few lovely and minimal styled posters from them. The paper is beautifully sturdy, the prints are truly lovely, and they're expertly packaged in a sturdy poster tube that arrived in perfect condition. I chose three prints that had a nature theme to bring a little nature into my home. I highly recommend browsing their poster section to find some inspirational prints to hang in your space for the new year.

I think they compliment each other perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the way this space turned out! I have some more work to do on other areas of my home and more Desenio awesomeness to help me achieve the ultimate home decor so I'll have another post up showcasing that space soon! In the mean time, shop Desenio to get started on your home design.

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