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Juice Cleanse Detox

I've had stomach issues for the last few years, that's actually what prompted my switch to veganism! Last weekend they flared up and I had a miserable few days before I decided a three day juice cleanse was in order. I found LA Juice on Yelp and once I saw their menu I immediately booked my cleanse. I've been doing cleanses for years so I'm no stranger to these sorts of detoxes. I grabbed one day of their "Detox 2" cleanse and then I mixed and matched juices from their menu to create the additional two days of my cleanse based on what I know my body likes, dislikes, and needs. I picked the juices up on Monday morning and dove right into things!

I started with one full day of their "Detox 2" cleanse exactly in their order recommended. They give you a little add card in the box of juices that tell you what order to drink the juices in and a suggested time when to drink them. I stuck to their suggestion exactly and it was a lovely experience! The first thing I noticed with these first juices was that it's a very, uh, effective cleanse - if you know what I mean. I've tried numerous cleanses in the past that are, shall we say, less efficient and it sort of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Not so with this cleanse; by the end of day one I felt throughly clean!

Now, this cleanse was not particularly hearty, which I liked. It was more vegetable juices than smoothies or protein drinks but because I have a sensitive system to begin with it was nice to have light juices. LA Juice also has almond milk and protein drinks which I also got and used to beef up my cleanse later on.

Over the next two days I tried most of the juices on their menu and upped the protein content which I knew my body needed. By following the traditional cleanse order of veggie juices in morning, detox in the afternoon, and protein in the evening, I was able to continue to cleanse during the day but also replenish at night to avoid drops in energy and overwhelming hunger. I ended up drinking seven to eight juices a day so I never felt hungry and their juices are absolutely the most delicious juices I've had from any juice shop in LA. I especially loved their protein smoothies!

By the end of the third day, my tummy felt great! For me, it completely fixed my stomach. Now, that won’t happen for everyone; cleanse results vary so please be careful, do your research, and consult professionals before you begin one. I’m a regular cleanser so this was just the ticket to tame my rough system; LA Juice is my new go-to juice shop.

Plus, if you save your glass bottles and bring them back to the store, you get a $1 credit per bottle! Recycling AND more cash toward your next cleanse! They even do juice subscriptions and they deliver.

All in all, I loved this cleanse and I plan on doing it again very soon.

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