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New A Harmless Project Featuring Opificio V!

Luxury, handmade, vegan Italian shoes, it doesn’t get much better than that! Opificio V is an artisan shoe label creating timeless, stylish designs that are good for people, the planet, and animals alike. They support their local economy by employing Italian artisans at fair wages and use the finest vegan materials like waxed cotton, biosole, wood tissue, vegan leather, rubber vibram, and alcantara. Here’s a breakdown of these materials:

- Biosole of Bioplastic Soles are the result of the research and development of API SpA, the Italian manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds. This material combines technical and aesthetic qualities with attention to minimizing environmental impact. It is 100% biodegradable.

- Rubber vibram is a high performance rubber.

- Alcantara is composed of about 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, giving increased durability and stain resistance. It is made in Italy and is carbon neutral.

- Waxed cotton is 100% cotton with a light coat of wax from the carnauba plant.

- Vegan leather, made from polymers derived from natural renewable sources like cereals and vegetable seeds coming from non-food agriculture. It’s CO2 emissions are zero, it’s waterproof, and is made in Italy.

- Wood Tissue where the wood is coupled with fabric through the use of heat presses. Subsequently photographic scans of the surface are done, and then laser microincisions are made to give the wood the feel of fabric. It’s waterproof and really neat!

By working with artisans that cut and sew everything by hand, these boots transcend modern manufacturing and become true works of art. You can feel the care and attention that went into every stitch of these pieces, and the craftsmanship is outstanding.

Part of the Zero Impact Web Project, Opificio V and many other companies are banding together to replenish the natural resources information technology has consumed. You can read more about this initiative here. So, site visits to Opificio V result in contributions to creating and protecting forests in Costa Rica.

You can trust that every aspect of this company is holistic and rest assured that your purchases with them are doing wonderful things to support positive manufacturing and raise awareness about ethical fashion and better business practices.

Shop their full collection of on-trend heels, boots, sandals, and more here. Their collection is GORGEOUS and full of effortlessly chic styles, vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics, strudy materials, and chic silouettes. I'm already planning my next purchases from them!

For my outfit in this episode, I paired my Opificio V boots with high waisted jeans from CURRENT/ELLIOT and a grey sweater from The Fifth.

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