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New A Harmless Project featuring allTRUEist!

This week I have an incredible partnership to share with you: allTRUEist | boutique

allTRUEist is an ethical, vegan-friendly boutique founded by Marcus Aliaga in 2014. Marcus began his 18 career in the luxury fashion industry which has led him to work with top designers, celebrities and manage some of the most prestigious brands, but also opened his eyes as to what really happens behind the scenes. His longtime dream to open a boutique that focuses on responsibly made products with an emphasis on fashion driven high quality products led to him founding allTRUEist. It started out of necessity when Marcus wanted to buy responsibly made clothing for himself and realized what a challenge it was to find fashionable items that weren’t too granola or avant-garde. So Marcus made it his mission to open a boutique where men and women who love fashion and care about ethics can shop eco, responsibly made products. Plus, as an added bonus, their shipping materials are eco friendly and recyclable so all aspects of this fashion house are truly ethical and sustainable.

I have three companies to share with you from allTRUEist's esteemed collection. There's a TON of info here, the video below gives a general breakdown and the following passages give the in-depth story. I have cruelty-free polishes from Trust Fund Beauty, a gorgeous vegan statement bag from Alexandra K, and luxury headphones from LSTN that benefit an amazing cause.

Trust Fund Beauty is a Montreal based luxury nail polish company founded by Samara Granofsky in 2014 when her Mother was diagnosed with Cancer. As her mother went through chemo-therapy and radiation treatments she still wanted to look great and be able to wear nail polishes but had a hard time finding a good quality, non toxic nail polish. Sp Samara created a brand of luxurious polishes that are free of the 5 worst toxins and are vegan and cruelty free. You can tell this brand is all about fun from the vibrant colors to the funky names of the polishes themselves (like “I Can’t Even” and “Resting Bitch Face”), you’ll enjoy every part of these non-toxic beauties. Plus, they even have a non-toxic, eco-friendly, plant-based, non-flammable, non-acetone polish remover that’s made from biodegradable esters, and a USDA certified organic essential oil blend with no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor.

Based in Poland, Alexandra K is making its debut into the North American market with their cruelty-free and vegan luxury bags. The label even won the PETA Fashion Award for Best Handbag Design in Germany in 2014 and you can see why by just looking at the gorgeous designs. Each bag is handmade in Alexandra’s studio, there’s no factory labor here, and each bag takes a few days to be handmade by one person from start to finish. You get a 2 year manufacturer warranty with each bag and a unique serial number because no 2 bags are the same. Plus, it comes with a beautiful dust bag which I think it a wonderful touch.

The bags are made from Polyurethane with microsuede and organic cotton interiors. Many of the models come with either silver or gold hardware, I have the Model 1.5 Silver Ice with gold hardware. When I say this bag can carry it all, I mean it and then some! It’s got so much room and so many pockets that you’ll be hard pressed not to be organized with this bag. It can fit your tablet, a 12-inch laptop, letter sized documents, and all your day to day purse contents with ease. The most surprising thing about this bag, however, is that it doesn’t feel too big or bulky even when filled to the brim. I use it for all occasions from treating it like a briefcase when I go to meetings to packing it full of beach supplies for a day out in the sun, it’s a great size with expandable side zippers so it’ll be a versatile piece for your versatile life.

Check out more colors and sizes available on

LSTN Sound Co. is a Hollywood-based headphones startup co-founded by Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff. The headphones are made from reclaimed wood from wooden instruments such as pianos, guitars, and more. They work with the StarKey Hearing Foundation to provide hearing aid to the deaf communities around the world and to raise awareness of this global problem; each purchase helps fund these missions. They have a built in microphone, nylon tangle-less cords, and gold plated plugs but it’s the stylish mix between wood and metal that makes these sleek and sophisticated. They feel high-tech but still vintage which is a hard balance to find. I’m so excited I found these just in time for the holidays. They’re a great gift for both men and women!

Check out allTRUEist on Instagram: @allTRUEist_btq and shop their entire line at

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